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Do I need a user account in order to use PixMeAway?


What is the connection between a travel factor and my personality?

We have identified 7 different travel factors, where each person is not necessarily only one of those but rather a composition of these different travel factors. In addition to that, you can refine your search by adding attributes such as personal interests, preferred travel environment and climate condition. This enables us to calculate your individual travel profile, which correlates to specific destinations or tourism products. Our approach is a recommender system based on scientific research and your personality, rather than “categorizing” you as a person.

Why do I get different search results?

Our aim is to put you on the right flight and not into a pigeonhole! We identify your travel profile according to your picture selection. In selecting your pictures we ask you to do so in a spontaneous way without thinking too much about the significance as pictures evoke emotions and assist in awakening subconscious desires. Your emotions, desires and preferences can change over time, and therefore so do your search results.

Can I change my picture selection?

Yes. Before calculating your travel profile you can make amendments to your selection by either deleting single pictures or the complete set and restart with the selection. Once you are confident with your picture set you can rearrange the sequence in order of preference by using drag & drop. The sequence of your selection is of importance to the result.

How can I refine my search result?

You have a variety of options to refine your search results. By adjusting your preferences for specific areas in your profile (adding/reducing stars) and by choosing your preferences on location and climate. Further on you can finalize your research by defining the expected travel period and continent in order to find the vacation of your dreams!

Can I access my travel profile/search result again?

Since you do not need to register, we cannot store previous results.

Can I book a vacation?

PixMeAway is a picture-based search engine and the end result is a travel recommendation. You cannot book a vacation.

Are my personal details shared with a third party?


How can my company benefit from PixMeAway?

PixMeAway is the next generation of Internet search for the tourism industry. It ́s capabilities are many-fold: It can be operated as a stand-alone solution or, due to its modular approach, be integrated in any other system and adapted to the respective corporate identity, as an “out of the box” solution. In addition, the picture set and resulting descriptions of the travel types can be customized to your specific needs. Learn how easy it is to use our technology and see your clients from a total different point of view. Whether as an airline, travel agency or DMO, knowing your client ́s travel profile enables you to design more efficient marketing campaigns and even more suitable products. If you are interested, get in touch with us / Contact us!