How it works

It is said that we live in a small world, but we disagree! Not knowing where to spend your next vacation is not really a crime, but rather a question of inspiration - and we have plenty of that. Picture by picture and step by step:

Step 1

From the picture set shown, choose those most appealing to you. When doing so, don´t think too long - play it by ear and trust your intuition. Please select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 pictures. Based on your selection, your travel profile will be calculated.

Step 2

If you are not happy with your selection, you can delete single images or the entire selection and start again. Once you are confident with your selection, you can change the order of the pictures by using the drag & drop function. Placing the pictures in order of preference is of importance. Please click on “Find travel type”.

Step 3

We have calculated your travel profile based on your picture selection and Artificial Intelligence. But we do not pigeonhole you! Your individual result is a composition of 7 different travel factors. If you feel like adapting your travel profile you can do so by adding or reducing the stars in the different categories and by choosing your preferences on climate and land scape. Please click on the symbols to refine your travel profile. The result caught your curiosity? Well, there are more destinations to be discovered!

Step 4

Now you can discover all your travel recommendations on an interactive map, get detailed information on each one of them and you can learn more about how and why the calculated recommendations match your travel profile. To refine your search please choose your expected travel period, continents of interest and your preferences on land scape.

Step 5

Please choose your recommended destination of interest. You will get a detailed view containing pictures, description of the area, sightseeing spots, points of interest, climatic conditions and much more. If you like to look into the science behind PixMeAway and learn more about the factors and their meaning, you can do so by clicking “Learn more”.

Say YES to your dream vacation - we wish you an unforgettable one!