PixMeAway is provided by PIXTRI OG, Tempelgasse 6/20, 1020 Vienna, Austria. CEO: DI Bernhard Kruepl-Sypien PIXTRI OG is registered in the trade register of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions regarding PIXTRI OG, the product PixMeaway, our service or website, please contact us:

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PIXTRI OG, Tempelgasse 6/20, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Informationen gem. ECG § 5 Abs. 1

Name of company: Pixtri OG
Commercial register: Handelsgericht Wien
Commercial register number: FN 360133 h
Address: Tempelgasse 6/20, 1020 Wien
Chamber of commerce: Wirtschaftskammer Wien
VAT #: ATU 66316578