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Our team, factor by factor:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner / Director & Founder

Knowledge Seeker: Hannes Werthner is professor for e-Commerce at the Vienna University of Technology. He is the head of the e-Commerce group at the IFS institue, the former dean of studies for Informatics and Business Informatics and former director of the Vienna PhD School for Informatics. The lesson he learned at each holiday? Education needs no holiday!

Dr. Rainer Schuster / CEO & Founder

Adventure Seeker: Rainer Schuster is the founder and CEO of the company PIXTRI OG, providing PixMeAway. Together with Prof. Werthner he developed the algorithm for the picture-based search engine in the area of tourism. Developing alogrithims is a piece of cake compared to adventures he experiences when being on vacation.

Mag. (FH) Thomas Nitschinger / Grafik & Design

Action Seeker: Thomas Nitschinger is owner and CEO of a multimedia agency and responsible for the graphics of PixMeAway. As responsible as he is in doing a wonderful job, his sense of responsibility sometime needs a break, mainly when being on vacations by booking the next bungee jump.

Jakub Steinbauer / Software Entwickler

Sun Seeker: Jakub Steinbauer is a software developer and IT consultant with strong analytical skills and more than six years experience of professional JAVA development. The analysis on his choice of vacation is quite simple: sun, sand and the sea is what he seeks most.

Pavel Radkovic / Software Entwickler

Tranquility Seeker: Pavel Radkovic is a senior JAVA developer and programmer with expertise in distributed systems and parallel processing and is specialised in developing web based applications for telecommunication, financial sector and tourism. Needless to say, with so much going on in your mind and computer, only a quite and peaceful vacation can suit him.

Mag. Lidia Petrovski / Business Development

Individual Traveller: She graduated in economics and business administration but her real passion is languages and the language of scientists, software developers, programmers and statistical analiysts tends to be a mysterious one, seeking some translations. Mystery, traditions and history are what she is seeking on her vacations.
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